New Visa Debit Cards Are Here!

Visa Debit Eac

Check your mail! The new VISA Debit card has arrived and must be activated immediately. We ask that you use your card before destroying any old cards whether they are ATM or VISA Debit from Sequoia FCU. Old cards will all expire on June 29, 2020.  

Please follow the instructions and tips below for a smooth transition: 

1. You may now choose a personal identification number (PIN) when activating the card. A new PIN may be requested by phone anytime.
2.  Keep the letter that was enclosed for important phone numbers to call for a lost or stolen card. 
3. Download the app named CardNav from your app store to gain control of important functions such as travel dates using the VISA Debit card and shutting off the card and turning back on for any reason you may have. See the links below.
4. A rewards program is already adding up points for usage of your debit card and you may be able to enjoy gift card redemption, merchandise and more!
5. Be sure to notify any of your automatic VISA DEBIT card merchants, for example autopay of utilities or loans. Supply your new card number with expiration date so that payments will continue. This does not apply to a merchant you supplied with a voided blank check. Confirm with the merchant to verify. 
If you experience problems, please do not hesitate to call us at 650-366-7777. We hope you will enjoy the new program.