Board of Directors

Board of Directors

J. Arthur White, President
Virginia M. Padron, V-P
Gary Whitney,  Treasurer
Rochelle Kirchner, Secretary
Dottress Rollin, Member
Kevin Sugar, Member

Credit Committee

Dave Olson, Member
Lynda SR Montoya, Member
Lupita Montijo, Member

Supervisory Committee

Marie Jones, Member
Sonia Figueroa, Member
Abigail Ramirez, Member

Office Staff

Rochelle Kirchner,  CEO, Mortgage Lending, Complaint resolution
Anita Maharaj, Asst. Manager, VISA debit/credit, ATM, ACH, & Share Draft
William Kirchner, CPA Financial Accounting
Rob Slear, Loan Officer, Consumer Loans
Victor Mercado, Operations, Consumer Loan Information (Spanish Speaking)

Although we all are able to respond to various situations, we request your first attempt to resolve issues or get timely information be to the employee who has the expertise within the credit union.