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We’re working in unprecedented times, and the ways we provide financial education to youth must take that into consideration. With schools closed, and credit unions focusing on delivering needed financial services to their members, we want our members to have access to these helpful tools.

We believe parents are looking for ways to supplement the schoolwork their children of all ages are being provided by their schools. We would suggest you consider Biz Kid$. This is something that takes very little effort on your part. The National Credit Union Foundation has plenty of resources, and we’re summarizing them here.

Biz Kid$ airs daily on PBS stations across California and Nevada. You can click on this link to enter your zip code and let your members know where the show is airing in your community(ies). Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “show times.” And, anyone with an Amazon Prime membership can stream the first three seasons of the show on their television or device at no extra charge.

Anyone can access the Biz Kid$ website for free resources and the lesson plans that have been developed for each episode. The episodes are broken down into thematic blocks. You can access a list of all episodes by season with a brief description: List of Biz Kid$ Episodes

Please let us know if Biz Kid$ helps in any way.